Howdy there! My name is Andrew Dornan, also know as Da12thkind on YouTube (or some form of preface + 12thKind elsewhere on the internet), and I’d like to welcome you to my website!

Right now, you’re in the News & Updates portion of the website. This is effectively just the blog portion of the website. It is in this section that I will be posting any and all updates regarding the website and the YouTube channel. If you’re worried that you’ll miss some important update, don’t be. I’ll make sure that I tweet out each new blog post!

While you’re reading this, I’d like to take a moment to highlight all of the content that you can find on this website!

First up, we have the Let’s Play page! This page is the main directory for every Let’s Play that has aired on the channel so far. As of writing this post, all of the video pages have embedded YouTube videos on them instead of an uploaded video file because I currently do not have the space to house all of my videos, and I won’t be able to upgrade to a higher plan for some time.

Thumbnail for the first episode of my first Let’s Play of this channel: 007 Nightfire

Going on down the line, we have a new, exclusive series for the website: Mini-Pack! This series is all about me opening up those small/mini packs of trading cards that you can sometimes find at your local dollar store. I’m having a ton of fun making this series, and I hope y’all enjoy it, too!

Thumbnail for Episode 1 of Mini-Pack

After that, under the same banner of “Other Content,” we have the sign-up page for my newsletter Gaming and Creating. I enjoy writing issues for this newsletter, and I’ve got big plans for Volume 2! Oh! In case you were on the fence about signing up, it is my promise to you that Gaming and Creating will be, as it has been since the start, forever free.

The next bit of “content” that is up on the site is technically not for this website, but is rather a couple of other websites. The first of these is my old business blog The Road To Business, which I haven’t posted to since March due to various reasons, and the other is my photography website named simply Andrew Dornan’s Portfolio.

That’s all folks! For now, that’s all the content I have on the website, but I’m actively working on making more content for the future. Unfortunately, I am limited in how much I can upload due to my current plan with WordPress. I would like to upgrade to a Business plan so I can have unlimited storage, but I simply can’t part with the $25 a month. However, we can work together to help better the site and get more content up on the website! When you’re browsing the website and encounter a broken page or link, you can let me know over on the contact page. Additionally, if you’d like to support in other ways, the Show Support page has all the ways you can, well, show support!

By KalliasDa12thKind

I enjoy spending my free time playing video games and making videos (and almost always combining the two).

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