Greetings, everyone!

It’s been a long about a month (probably more-so a month on the dot) since the last post. To be fair, there’s been a lot of behind-the-scene changes and updates going down.

Team Bios

The first thing I would like to talk about something that I’ve been working on: Pokemon Team Bios!

I got the idea when taking a break from homework. I saw my Snorlax plush and thought to myself, “Man… It sure would be nice if I had bios for the members of my Pokemon: Blue Version team… Wait.”

I immediately opened up a project file from my Pokemon: Blue Version Let’s Play.

Right away, I knew what information I need and don’t need to show. I started with removing the evolutions and the Game Boy gameplay window. Then, I replaced the “Catch Rate” line with a “Version Obt.” line.

Add in a box for moves and an area for nicknames, level, and some other stuff and bada-bing bada-boom!

I was really happy with how this came out! I thought that would be it, but then I thought, “What if I made templates for all of the games…?”

And then I did…

As of now, I’ve got Team Bio templates for all of the titles from Red/Blue/Yellow all the way to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

Originally, this was just going to be for me, but I have since decided to open this up to commissions. I was also going to wait to open up until after I made all of the templates, but after talking to Gunnar, we agreed that it’d make more sense to create the templates at the time of it being requested.

I’ll be accepting commissions through the official Da12thKind Twitter page and my Etsy store later this month.

New Series

Pretty soon, a new, exclusive series will be airing on the website on Saturday mornings called Saturday Morning Splatoon!

This is the thumbnail template I’ll be using for this series, and I really like how it came out! I wasn’t sure how to do a paint-splatter-border, so I decided to grab all of my general thumbnail templates, import them into one file, and then go nuts with the eraser tool.

This series will see us play through a couple of matches in the original Splatoon, and so each episode will be roughly six to nine minutes each, but the file sizes are a little too large to upload them directly to the website, so I’ll be uploading them to YouTube, mark them as “Unlisted”, and then embed them into their own pages on this website like with how I set up the Let’s Play section.

Some General Changes

Just a quick list of some general changes…

  • Updated the “Other Content” page to include a blurb about Saturday Morning Splatoon
  • Removed the “Other Websites” link from the “Other Content” drop-down menu
  • Added Saturday Morning Splatoon link to the “Other Content” drop-down

The Closing

That’s it for this update! Thank you so much for reading this post, watching my videos, and supporting the channel and the website!

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