It’s true! It’s been four whole years, but another Paper Mario game has been announced, and it’s coming this July!

The last Paper Mario game we got was Paper Mario: Color Splash back in October of 2016, and it hardly left a splash. Of course, many people are already angry about a game that we’ve only seen 2 minutes of very specific, hand-selected bits of the game.

Honestly, in my opinion, the discourse is… well, it’s dumb. Regardless, I’m absolutely in love with the art style of this game. I’ve always been one who appreciates very tacticle and artsitic, something I talked about the other day. The very physical feel of the paper- and cardboard-like textures in the game is something that appeals to me directly.

The trailer gave us some plot details, but not too many other than who the main villian is and a couple of areas that are in the game. All in all, this is a very pleasant surprise in an otherwise unpleasant time.

By KalliasDa12thKind

I enjoy spending my free time playing video games and making videos (and almost always combining the two).