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New Stellaris DLC Announced

Seemingly out of nowhere, Paradox Interactive has decided that they would spoil us and announce a brand new DLC: The Necroids Species Pack!

The official Announcement Trailer from Paradox Interactive

Along with a lack of specific details regarding the content of the Necroids Species Pack, we also don’t know the price of the DLC, however, it might be the same price as other Species Packs like Lithoids and Plantoids, which both retail for $7.99 (USD). What we do know are that there’s one new command room design and one new city design, along with a handful of new species profiles.

An official screenshot from the Stellaris; Necroids Species Pack storepage on GOG.

In addition to the new 2D art, there’s also brand new ship designs and space station designs, which all look stellar.

There isn’t much else to discuss about Necroids, but if you have a GOG account, you can have them send you a notification email when it releases. It was teased in a livestream that Necroids might release “in the spoopy [sic] month” which most likely means October.

Other than that, that’s everything that’s been announced for now! When the Necroids Species Pack goes live, I’ll make sure to make an article about it being live, and any new information that might come with it.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with GOG nor am I paid to link to their website. I'm just a fan of their storefront, and I already had those tabs open.

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