It’s a dim, overcast day. I’m sitting at my laptop, starring off out the only window in my room up towards the grey clouds above. It’s a peaceful, quiet day in the real world, but in my mind, it’s th emental equivalent of an old-timey newsroom with people running back an dforth trying to come together to figure out the biggest issue plaguing this website…

What the fuck am I going to do with this blog section?


To get started, let me first talk about my personal dissatisfaction with how I’ve approached the blog section of my website.

The archive sidebar on the homepage.

That is truly a scattered plot of posts if I’ve ever seen one. If I were to make a table of every month of the year from January 2019 to March 2021 that showed how many posts I made each month, I’d be better off making a table for every month I didn’t make even one post.

Please do keep in mind that I’m writing off all of the posts I have made, as I’m definitely proud of a lot of those posts. Heck, in January 2019, when I somehow was convinced that I could potentially learn how to make better and consistent articles for a journalism class… Unfortunately, it was a broadcast journalism class, and the professor didn’t really care about the content of my articles, so long as I was posting stuff to my “professional FaceBook page,” which we all know what the current state of that is.

Not All Is Bad

Like I just mentioned, there are still loads of posts that I’m super proud of. Heck, I’m proud of all of them, but here are some of highlights.

Let’s start with January 2020, as that’s when I actually started to report on things going on in the gaming industry with my first article being on the delay of Cyberpunk 2077.

Oh… Cyperpunk…

The next post after that was one covering the then-newly announced expansions for the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games. I actually quite enjoy reporting on Pokémon games, as it feels like I’m fulfilling a long-forgotten promise I made to myself back when Nintendo Power was still in circulation to start writing news about new Pokémon games.

There were a few other articles written in January of 2020, like a review of the amazingly sweet hiking game A Short Hike, the rocky start to Temtem’s public release on Early Access, and the Nintendo Switch outselling the old Nintendo Wii U by, like, four times over.

The Drought and the Drips of Content

Unfortunately, the end of January 2020 was when I learned that neither my professor nor my classmates really cared about my written articles, and that completely took the wind right out of my sails. It wouldn’t be until later on in May that I would attempt to write articles again, albeit only for a brief moment.

Between the two articles I wrote in May 2020, my favorite is easily the one I did on a then-recently released game Before We Leave, as that piece is more or less just me gushing about the art style and premise. It’s just a wholesome read even now, as the vibe is 100% pure joy and positivity.

God… It still looks great, and I really should buy it at some point…

We’ll have to do an anime time skip from May 2020 to September 2020, as I somehow managed to avoid making a single article or blog post for just about three months or so.

I mean, I know how I managed it. Pandemic.

In September 2020, I started to make posts about upcoming Stellaris DLC packs and expansions, however, those announcements have several months worth of pauses in between them, but it was a start nonetheless.

I also made a post about some then-brand new Pokémon information, but it’s kind of expected of me by this point.

Flash forward to this year, and… I only made 2 posts in Jnauary, one of which I’m really proud of covered the sudden, but ultimately temporary, dissappearing of 245 DSiWare games from the North American Nintendo 3DS eShop service. That one holds the award for my all-time favorite as I had to sit down and make of note of each of the 245 missing games by hand, as there was no complete list of the then-missing games.

In February, I made three whole articles, one on a new Stellaris expansion, one on the deafeningly quiet releases of some top-notch Neo Geo Pocket Color games for the Nintendo Switch eShop, and, you guessed it, more Pokémon news.

Out of these three, I really like the one on the quiet releases of the Neo Geo Pocket Color games, as I had a rather difficult time finding any other gaming news outlets reporting on it, so I figured I’d fill in that gap.

Moving Forward

Looking back is great and all, but what does this mean moving forward?

Well… I don’t really know…

Am I still dissastified with the horribly inconsistent posting of articles to this website? Yes.

Do I have a plan to change it? Ye–no. No, I do not.

I would like to try to be better at keeping my thumb on the pulse of gaming industry and reporting anything that I find interesting, like sudden announcements of DLC for great games, or whole new games entirely. I also think it would be interesting to start doing some more revew-like content, as seen with the article on A Short Hike mentioned much earlier in this post.

I might even post about general updates to the channel more often, or even life stuff like if I ever move, or something along those increadible vague lines of thought.

I’m not sure, but I’ll try to get more stuff out in the future! Oh, and I may have completely forgotten about doing Andrew Dornan’s “What’s New?”, but I’ll be looking into how I can get back into making those videos again next week.

By KalliasDa12thKind

I enjoy spending my free time playing video games and making videos (and almost always combining the two).

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    1. Hey there! I just took a look at that blog post (and other posts just to be safe), and all of the images come up fine on my end. Perhaps you should clear out your browser’s cache?

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