CONTENT WARNING: There’s mentions of depression and suicide in here. Just to let ya know, friend-o.

Well, give me a lap and lay a head on it, I do believe it’s time for a new blog post!


What’s that?


That saying doesn’t exist?


And it doesn’t make sense?


Well, why don’t you just fuck me sideways and call me Jerry because I don’t care.

Anyways, what on God’s Green Earth have I been doing since last May?

Fuck… So much, my comrades…

Shit Hit The Fan

In July, I went on a trip with someone, and then I fell in love, and then two months later I got dumped out of the blue, and then I had to deal with academic burnout and the pain of a breakup at the same time, which is just mean, and then my mental health went to shit, that wasn’t great, and then I almost went into an early grave twice, which wasn’t kosher, I’ll admit, and then that person who dumped me and wanted to just be friends did some things that hurt me even more, so now I’m not talking to them, and, like, just, so much other shit has hit the fan.

Like… fuck… damn near everything went to shit, huh?

Well… What did go right for me in these past 12 months?

Honestly… not too much.

The Video Essays

I released some video essays, which was fun!

I tried messing around with the concept of doing “lore” shit, like narrative stuff, but, honestly, it just made producing video essays a huge pain.

That video essay on the anime Healin’ Good: Pretty Cure? Took several months longer than it needed to all because I wanted to also include, effectively, a whole damn short film in it that required just one other person, and, let’s be honest, just adding one person into the mix made the whole thing a nightmare.

I’m probably going to re-release those first two video essays without the narrative bullshit and the third one without the disclaimer saying that it’s “not technically finished” because fuck that.

(laughs to myself)

If I wasn’t so hell-bent on trying to do the lore scenes, I probably could have made a couple more video essays!

What else came about with the channel?

The Let’s Plays

Well, I had my Let’s Play of the 2005 version of Star Wars Battlefront II! That series was a lot of fun to produce! I always enjoy playing through Star Wars games but SOMEBODY WHO’S A FUCKING MOUSE hates fun and is a copyright monster.

I also did a Let’s Play of the remaster of Crysis 2 on Nintendo Switch, and that was loads of fun! It isn’t doing numbers by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s fine because I was mainly making that series for myself.

(slight chuckle)

Not much else happened in terms of what I traditionally call Let’s Plays because, well, I took quite a few breaks.

I was brought onto a Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server for small creators called the Visionary SMP, and I’ve been having a blast on there.

This series also got me to start doing more with my thumbnails, as I used to just do a colored border, but now I’m trying to tie the whole thumbnail into the game!

I won’t be going back and re-doing all my past thumbnails because, well, that’s a lot of fucking videos, mate.

Like over 900 fucking public videos.

However, I will be doing these with future videos so nothing really feels copy-paste-y-y-y, which might also help keep me from getting burned out from making content!

Also! I’ve been doing things outside of the channel, too!

The Non-YouTube Shit

Did you know that I have an profile that I upload stuff to?




Yeah, okay, that one is on me. I’m actually really bad at trying to share my work on social media these days, and, honestly, I don’t know why exactly.

Also, yes, your eyes do NOT decieve you. I do indeed have a convient listing to purchase offline copies of Mini Pack (First Year Only BTW) for $5.20. Why? Because why not?

You do get the satification of helping me out, though…

Just saying…


I’ve been having a blast making small things and then posting them up on my page for people to check out!

Wrap-Up Time!

Okay, I think that covers everything.

Or at least the things that I want to talk about.

I can choose to leave out specifics of my life because this is my website and I can do what I want.

I might try to do better about posting on here, but I’m taking, like, five classes on religion, of all fucking things, to finally get my degree, so we’ll have to wait and see what wonders are in store for this website!


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