About Me

If you’re on this page, you’re probably wondering, “Who is Da12thKind?”

Well, here’s a bit of a rundown. First, we’ll cover the name.

Some Background:
Da12thKind is my screen-name that I use on YouTube, and I use some variants of it on other online platforms. You’ll typically see my other forms as “The12thKind”, “12thKind”, or even “AndrewThe12thKind.” I tend to flip-flop between many different forms, but the one thing that stays the same is the “12thKind” part.

“What does Da12thKind mean?”
Da12thKind came about because I had a video game project back in circa 2012 that was simply titled “The 12th Kind.” I don’t remember what it exactly meant back then, but it sounded cool to me. Anyways, at one point I wanted to make a YouTube channel to document the process of me making this game, but I ran into some issues with the character limit that existed before the days of Google Plus, and I accidentally made the name “Da12thKind.” I decided that that was that, and the name stuck. Later on, I decided to drop the game idea at the time, which had a lot of design work done, and use the channel for Let’s Playing.

After a while, that old Da12thKind channel became Doorman Net Productions. In the last few years of that channels life, I made a new Da12thKind channel courtesy of a glitch involving the integration of Google Plus into YouTube. This is the channel that I have been working on ever since. I’ve also made a channel on a new video-sharing site called Vlare!

“But.. Who are you?”
I’m Andrew Dornan! I’m a senior/super-senior attending college in the hopes of getting a Bachelors of Science in Video Production with a minor in German Translation. I’m also currently an intern with my city government to try to help them build up their public-access T.V. station. As far as my hobbies go, you already know that one of them is making videos, but I also play video games outside of making videos on them.

“What do you plan on doing with that channel and this website?”
Well… I want to keep making Let’s Plays, that’s for sure. I also want to try to branch out into different types of videos. In the past, I’ve done Weekly Video Challenges, a semi-weekly news show, and even a podcast. I would like to bring back those kinds of videos sometime in the future.

“Do you accept donations?”
I do! You can support me on a monthly basis on Patreon, or you can give a one-time donation on my Ko-Fi page!