Galaxy on Fire 2 – Episode 1: The Pilot, The Ore Trader, and Betty

Original Upload Date: Oct 30, 2017

Original Description:

Greetings, and welcome to my new Let’s Play of Galaxy on Fire 2! Think of this game as a less intense Star Citizen or Elite: Dangerous that’s available for mobile and desktop devices!

My goal for this Let’s Play is to show every type of mission at least once, go over how the in-game economy works, collect every ship, and cover all three campaigns.

In this episode, we cover the first tutorial, and then the second tutorial… There’s a few tutorials at the start, but’s all to help teach you the ins and outs of this game.

Lego Star Wars – Episode 18: FINALE TIME, BABY!

Original Upload Date: Apr 6, 2019

Original Description:

Today on Lego Star Wars, we finally finish this series with the “Secret Level,” a look at the GBA version, and my final thoughts on the project!

Thank you to everyone who deep down hoped that this series would return. It was something that had been nagging at the back of my mind since I scrapped the original recording of Episode 16. I don’t like leaving projects to die without some form of closure, and this was the one project that I couldn’t just let sit there. I’m so happy this series has finally been laid to rest.

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