Coming This Month: March Edition

Howdy y’all! I’m planning on doing a thing called Coming This Month wherein I talk about some highlights from the gaming and film and anime worlds for this month, and even some channel news, too!

Let’s get started!

Manga News!

So there’s quite a bit of a selection of manga releasing this month, but I wanted to share some that caught my eye!

Publisher: Viz Media; Released March 1st

Up first is Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai! To be quite honest, I’m not a big Dragon Quest fan, but I think the series as a whole is interesting enough, and I can certainly respect its popularity. I’m pretty sure I saw a Dragon Quest anime over on Crunchyroll a while back, too, so seeing a Dragon Quest manga reach the West is definitely a delight!

I don’t know if I’ll be picking this manga up… I think it depends on if it’s going to be one of those infinitely long series like Pokémon or Splatoon.

Publisher: Viz Media; Released March 1st

This one is definitely a surprise: Alice in Borderland! Based on the synopsis I found online, this definitely seems like a rather interesting take on the original Alice in Wonderland story, as it focuses on a teenager and his group of friends fighting for their survival.

I’m not entirely sure how gore-y this series will be, but it definitely has me intrigued enough to pick up the first volume!

Publisher: Dark Horse Manga; Releases March 15th

So, we have an action-adventure manga based on a video game, a dark twist on a public domain story, and now we have… a cute slice of life? Yes! This manga is called Cat + Gamer and sounds to be super cute! The whole plot of this series centers around a young adult girl struggling to be sociable with her co-wokers when one day a stray cat decides to make its way into her life. She now must learn how to take care of this cat with only the knowledge she’s gained from video games.

I think this would be a wonderful slice-of-life comedy, and I will most certainly want to keep up with this series!

Indie Gaming Releases

I know as Gamers(TM), we all try to stay on top of all the gaming news out there, but i wanted to share a couple of indie games coming out this month that I think are worth Googling!


Up first, we have a creature collecting game called Coromon! This looks interesting, as it seems to be a cross between Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda. You collect and raise various monsters, but you also navigate an interconnected world and solve puzzles in various ways.

It’s got a release date of March 31st, so you’ll definitely have to wait a while to snag this!

ANNO: Mutationem

You won’t have to wait nearly as long to buy ANNO: Mutationem, though, as it’s coming out on the 17th! This game is a gorgeous blend of pixel art with 3D environments. It looks like the levels (or… dungeons…?) of this game will be 2D side-scrollers but the hub world is a fully explorable 3D space.

This one is definitely one to look out for!

That’s All For Now!

I wanted to keep this one short, as I’m still trying to get myself into the groove of making articles again! I hope you all enjoyed reading, and I hope to see y’all back here for the next article!

SINNOH CONFIRMED! Remakes for Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version Coming Soon!

For all of you that have been WISHING for remakes for the classic 4th generation of Pokémon games, you can now rejoice as Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Version and Pokémon Shining Pearl Version have been announced for the Nintendo Switch system and will be arriving late this year!

Continue reading “SINNOH CONFIRMED! Remakes for Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version Coming Soon!”

WHOA: New Stellaris “Nemesis” DLC Announced!

The TL;DR for those that just want to know what’s up:

>Nemesis Expansion for Stellaris just was announced.
>We don’t know when it’ll be here.
>We don’t know how much it’ll be.

Onto the article ::

I was simply scrolling through Twitter when a Tweet caught my eye.

I thought nothing by it, until I saw “Become the Crisis” in the original Tweet being quoted.

It’s official. We’re getting yet another DLC/Expansion for Stellaris. Enter: Nemesis.

“What is the Nemesis expansion?” I hear you ask. Simply put, it’s an expansion pack for Stellaris that will allow YOU, yes you THE PLAYER, to become an end-game crisis event.

“Now hold on a minute,” I hear you start to say, “how do I become an end-game crisis?”

Good question! It all starts with an Ascension Perk: Become the Crisis.

It’s time to become the crisis.

The “Become the Crisis” Ascension Perk allows you to start on the path towards becoming the galaxy’s greatest threat with its effect. In the example image above, the Confederacy of Prothon 1 can now progress towards becoming the Crisis.

From here, you’ll gain access to the Crisis tab in the Traditions menu, as you’ll see below. Do keep in mind that the names for the various elements and their deisgns are subject to change.

According to the devs, this design may change.

From here, you’ll be able to take on new perks and complete objectives by performing “certain evil deeds” and be rewarded with “Menance.”

According to the developers, you’ll need a certain amount of “Menance” to reach each new Crisis Level, and you’ll also need to finish each level’s “Special Project.” Each “Special Project” can be completed up to four times for each level.

The outcome of one of these aforementioned “Special Projects.”

Onto these perks themselves, some will give you new policy choices while others will give you new ship types exclusive to becoming a Crisis.

There are four new ships in total: Menancing Corvette, Menancing Destroyer, Asteroid Cruiser, and Star-Eater.

Finally, the ultimate final form of you becoming a crisis starts to bear its form when you unlock the Aetherophasic Engine Frame, which appears in whatever star system is the capital for your empire. This frame requires a metric boat load of Dark Matter, coming in at roughly 20,000 units worth of the stuff.

For seasoned players, 20,000 units of Dark Matter seems like it’d take literal years. That’s where the Star-Eaters come into play.

As the name suggests, they eat stars, and thus create massive deposits of Dark Matter for you to mine from.

You can view the Dev Diary here, or you can wishlist the game on GOG here.

Overall, I’m definitely excited about this new expansion coming out. This does mean that I’m now due for at least two more Stellaris playthroughs for my channel as this means I have even more new mechanics to show off that I didn’t get to with my last two runs.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

NEW ALERT: DSi Ware Games Back On 3DS eShop!

Hey there!

In a previous post, I made a comprehensive list of all the DSi Ware games that were removed from the 3DS eShop.

This is a real quick notice to inform y’all that those games are back up on the eShop!

Yesterday, Come Out Punching on Twitter made an announcement that some of the biggest DSi Ware games had come back to the 3DS eShop:

Today, I’m happy to report that all of the games that were removed are back!

In case you were wondering what all DSi Ware games I plan on getting before the whole system bites the dust for good, here’s my list of games that I want to get, but haven’t:

Game TitlePriceSize (Blocks)
Battle of Giants(TM) : Dinosaurs – Fight for Survival$7.99126
Battle of Giants(TM) : Dragons – Bronze Edition$7.99121
Battle of Giants(TM) : Mutant Insects – Revenge$7.99125
Crystal Monsters$4.9971
Thorium Wars$9.99112
Anonymous Notes Chapter 4 – From the Abyss$4,9960
Forgotten Legions$4.9997
Bookstore Dream$1.9935
Crystal Adventure$1.9939
Clash of Elemntalists$4.9967
G.G Series ALTERED WEAPON$1.9930
The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde$4.99100
Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ$7.99129
Elemntal Masters$7.99128
Stratego(R) : Next Edition$4.9995
Shantae: Risky’s Revenge$11.99129
The Lost Town – The Dust$4.9990
The Lost Town – The Jungle$4.9988
Dark Void Zero$4.9974

NOTICE: I have since gone in and updated this spreadsheet to include more accurate titles, pricing, and mostly accurate file sizes.

ALERT: DSi Ware Games Being De-Listed Off 3DS eShop!

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve written a news article, but there’s no time to chat. A ton of DSi Ware titles that released somewhere before the middle of May 2011 are being removed, or have already been removed, from the 3DS eShop. Here’s a complete list of all the games I found to be de-listed:

  1. Picture Perfect Pocket Stylist
  2. Anonymous Notes Chapter 2 – From the Abyss
  3. Airport Mania: First Flight
  4. Inchworm Animation
  5. Music on: Learning Piano Volume 2
  6. DodoGo! Robo
  7. Escape Trick: The Secret of Rock City Prison
  8. Slingo Quest
  9. Absolute Baseball
  10. A Fair Tale
  11. Anonymous Notes Chapter 1 – From the Abyss
  12. Simply Solitaire
  13. Faceez! Monsters
  14. Shapo >G.G Series D-TANK
  15. 5 in 1 Mahjong
  16. Plants vs. Zombies
  18. My Little Restaurant
  19. G.G Series DRIFT CIRCUIT
  20. Artic Escape
  21. Remote Racers
  22. Panda Craze
  23. 505 Tangram
  24. Boom Boom Squaries
  25. G.G Series Dark Spirits
  26. 101 Dolphin Pets
  27. Music on: Drums
  28. myDiary(TM)
  29. 101 MiniGolf World
  30. Digger Dan & Kaboom
  31. Airport Mania: Non-Stop Flights
  32. Rocks N’ Rockets
  33. Animal Boxing
  34. The Seller
  35. Petz(R) Catz(R) Family
  36. Word Searcher 2
  37. DodoGo! Challenge
  38. G.G Series Z*One
  39. Fantasy Slots: Adventure Slots & Games
  40. Cosmo Fighers
  41. Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp
  42. Jam Space: PocketStudio
  43. Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ
  44. Space Ace
  45. Dairojo! Samurai Defenders
  46. Rytmik Rock Edition
  47. Frenzic
  48. Spot It! Challenge
  49. Music on: Electric Guitar
  50. Supermarket Mania(R)
  51. 21: Blackjack
  52. Need for Speed(TM) Nitro-X
  53. Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine
  54. Peg Solitaire
  55. Go! Go! Island Rescue!
  56. Spot the Difference
  57. Advanced Ciruits
  58. Music on: Playing Piano
  59. Armada
  60. Academy: Tic-Tac-Toe
  61. Snapdots(TM)
  62. Datamine
  63. G.G Series SUPER HERO OGRE
  64. Rummikub
  65. Shantae: Risky’s Revenge
  66. Zenonia(R)
  67. Nintendo Countdown Calendar
  68. Everday Soccer
  69. Castle Conqueror
  70. Crazy Pinball
  71. myNotebook: Tan(TM)
  72. Simply Mahjong
  73. Music on: Acoustic Guitar
  74. My Exotic Farm
  75. Music on: Learning Piano
  76. myNotebook: Pearl(TM)
  77. Absolute Reversi
  79. My Farm
  80. Rytmik
  81. 3D Mahjong
  82. myNotebook: Carbon(TM)
  83. Absolute Chess
  84. Rhythm Core Alpha
  85. Blayzbloo: Super Mele Action Battle Royal
  86. Hints Hunter
  87. Petz(R) Dogz(R) Family
  88. Match Up!
  89. Absolute BrickBuster
  90. Crystal Monsters
  91. Puffins: Let’s Race!
  92. Petz(R) Hamsterz(R) Family
  93. Face Pilot(TM): Fly With Your Nintendo DSi Camera!
  94. Crazy Sudoku
  95. Hospital Havoc
  96. Petz(R) Kittens
  97. 24/7 Solitaire
  98. Music on: Retro Keyboard
  99. 101 Shark Pets
  100. Soul of Darkness
  101. SteamWorld(TM) Tower Defense
  102. Date or Ditch
  103. Brain Drain(TM)
  104. Battle of Giants(TM): Mutant Insects
  105. Maestro! Green Groove
  106. Ancient Tribe
  107. Super Swap
  108. Legendary Wars: T-Rex Rumble
  109. Puffins: Let’s Fish
  110. Spin Six(TM)
  111. Mega Words
  112. 16 Shot! SHOOTING WATCH
  113. Music onL Electronic Keyboard
  114. A Kappa’s Trail
  115. Telgraph Crosswords
  116. Fametail(TM)
  117. Don’t Cross The Line
  118. Hero of Sparta
  119. A Topsy Turvy Life: The Turvys Strike Back(TM
  120. X-Scape(TM)
  121. Telegraph Sudoku & Kakuro
  122. Metal Torrent(TM)
  123. World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em
  124. A Topsy Turvy Life: Turvy Drops(TM)
  125. Frogger Returns
  126. Looksley’s Line Up(TM)
  127. Chess Challenge!
  128. Photo Dojo(TM)
  129. Bloons(R)
  130. 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection
  131. Sokomania
  132. Bounce & Break
  133. Crazy Golf
  134. DodoGo!
  135. Ferari GT: Evolution
  136. Puffins: Let’s Roll!
  137. System Flaw Recruit
  139. myPostcards(TM)
  140. Game & Watch(TM) : Ball
  141. Game & Watch(TM) : Donkey Kong Jr.
  142. Game & Watch(TM) : Flagman
  143. 7 Card Games
  144. AiRace
  145. Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A.
  146. Game & Watch(TM) : Helmet
  147. Game & Watch(TM) : Manhole
  148. Game & Watch(TM) : Vermin
  149. Nintendo DSi (TM) Metronome
  150. Nintendo DSi (TM) Instrument Tuner
  151. Drift Street International
  152. Game & Watch(TM) : Chef
  153. Game & Watch(TM) : Mario’s Cement Factory
  154. Game & Watch(TM) : Judge
  155. Battle of Giants(TM) : Dinosaurs – Fight for Survival
  156. Zoo Frenzy
  157. Elemental Masters
  158. Dracula – Undead Awakening
  159. Faceez
  160. Flight Control(TM)
  161. Aura-Aura Climber(TM)
  162. Perhistorik Man
  163. Spotto!(TM)
  164. Extreme Hangman
  165. Link ‘n’ Launch(TM)
  166. True Swing Golf Express
  167. 5 in 1 Solitaire
  169. Move your Brain Rollway Puzzle
  170. AiRace: Tunnel
  171. Escapee GO!
  172. Number Battle(TM)
  173. Chronos Twins
  174. Dark Void(TM) Zero
  175. Starship Defense(TM)
  176. Me And My Dogs: Friends Forever
  177. Jazzy Billiards
  178. touch Solitaire
  179. Word Searcher
  180. Trajectile(TM)
  181. Animal Puzzle Adventure
  182. Master of Illusion(TM) Express: Psychic Camera
  183. Dragon’s Lair(R)
  184. Hot and Cold: A 3D Hidden Object Adventure
  185. myNotebook: Green(TM)
  186. High Stakes: Texas Hold ‘Em
  187. Bejeweled Twist(TM)
  188. Master of Illusion(TM) Express: Matchmaker
  189. Ball Fighter
  190. myNotebook: Red(TM)
  191. Rayman(R)
  192. Bookworm(TM)
  193. Foto Face(TM) : The Face Stealer Strikes
  194. Sudoku Challenge!
  195. Master of Illusion(TM) Express: Mind Probe
  196. Electroplankton(TM) Luminarrow
  197. Castle Of Magic
  198. Electroplankton(TM) Sun-Animalcule
  199. Electroplankton(TM) Lumiloop
  200. Electroplankton(TM) Marine-Crystals
  201. Electroplankton(TM) Varvoice
  202. myNotebook: Blue(TM)
  203. Art Style(TM) : DIGIDRIVE(TM)
  204. Robot Rescue
  205. Bomberman Blitz
  206. Electroplankton(TM) Trapy
  207. Electroplankton(TM) Hanenbow
  208. Electroplankton(TM) Rec-Rec
  209. Electroplankton(TM) Nanocarp
  210. Electroplankton(TM) Beatnes
  211. Battle of Giants(TM): Dragons – Bronze Edition
  212. Viking Invasion
  213. PictureBook Games(TM) : The Royal Bluff
  214. Thorium Wars(TM)
  216. MySims(TM) Camera
  217. Clubhouse Games(TM) Express: Strategy Pack
  218. Clubhouse Games(TM) Express: Family Favorites
  219. Puzzle League(TM) Express
  220. Pop+ Solo(TM)
  221. Brain Age(TM) Express: Arts & Letters
  222. Brain Age(TM) Express: Math
  223. Art Style(TM) : ZENGAGE(TM)
  224. Brain Challenge(R)
  225. Art Style(TM) : BASE 10(TM)
  226. Art Style(TM) : BOXLIFE(TM)
  227. Mario(TM) Clock
  228. Mario(TM) Calculator
  229. Mario vs Donkey Kong(TM) : Minis March Again!
  230. Mighty Flip Champs!(TM)
  231. Photo Clock
  232. Art Style(TM) : PiCTOBiTS(TM)
  233. Art Style(TM) : precipice(TM)
  234. Animal Crossing(TM) Clock
  235. Animal Crossing(TM) Calculator
  236. Paper Airplane Chase(TM)
  237. Clubhouse Games(TM) Express: Card Classics
  238. Dr. Mario(TM) Express
  239. Master of Illusion(TM) Express: Deep Psyche
  240. Mixed Messages(TM)
  241. Master of Illusion(TM) Express: Shuffle Games
  242. Art Style(TM) : AQUIA(TM)
  243. Birds & Beans(TM)
  244. WarireWare(TM) : Snapped!
  245. Master of Illusion(TM) Express: Funny Face

That’s 245 games just, poof, gone. That’s absolutely insane!

There are some games on this list that I genuinely regret never buying. Those games are:

  1. Battle of Giants(TM) : Dinosaurs – Fight for Survival
  2. Battle of Giants(TM): Dragons – Bronze Edition
  3. Crystal Monsters
  4. Thorium Wars(TM)
  5. Elemental Masters

This should be a reminder to everyone that digital storefronts won’t be around forever, so spend that store credit and get those games!

EDIT :: I almost forgot to a put a shout-out to Come Out Punching (@comeoutpunching) for making the tweet that alerted me to this situation!

New Stellaris DLC Announced

Seemingly out of nowhere, Paradox Interactive has decided that they would spoil us and announce a brand new DLC: The Necroids Species Pack!

The official Announcement Trailer from Paradox Interactive

Along with a lack of specific details regarding the content of the Necroids Species Pack, we also don’t know the price of the DLC, however, it might be the same price as other Species Packs like Lithoids and Plantoids, which both retail for $7.99 (USD). What we do know are that there’s one new command room design and one new city design, along with a handful of new species profiles.

An official screenshot from the Stellaris; Necroids Species Pack storepage on GOG.

In addition to the new 2D art, there’s also brand new ship designs and space station designs, which all look stellar.

There isn’t much else to discuss about Necroids, but if you have a GOG account, you can have them send you a notification email when it releases. It was teased in a livestream that Necroids might release “in the spoopy [sic] month” which most likely means October.

Other than that, that’s everything that’s been announced for now! When the Necroids Species Pack goes live, I’ll make sure to make an article about it being live, and any new information that might come with it.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with GOG nor am I paid to link to their website. I'm just a fan of their storefront, and I already had those tabs open.

Brand New Paper Mario Game Coming July 2020

It’s true! It’s been four whole years, but another Paper Mario game has been announced, and it’s coming this July!

The last Paper Mario game we got was Paper Mario: Color Splash back in October of 2016, and it hardly left a splash. Of course, many people are already angry about a game that we’ve only seen 2 minutes of very specific, hand-selected bits of the game.

Honestly, in my opinion, the discourse is… well, it’s dumb. Regardless, I’m absolutely in love with the art style of this game. I’ve always been one who appreciates very tacticle and artsitic, something I talked about the other day. The very physical feel of the paper- and cardboard-like textures in the game is something that appeals to me directly.

The trailer gave us some plot details, but not too many other than who the main villian is and a couple of areas that are in the game. All in all, this is a very pleasant surprise in an otherwise unpleasant time.

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