Okay, Andrew “Da12thKind” Dornan. What’s “Mini-Pack?”

Well, first, rude of you to use my full name, but whatever.

Second, Mini-Pack is a series wherein once a week, I open a “mini-pack” of trading cards that I pick up from my local Dollar Tree. If you want to know more, below is the FAQ, or you can just skip all that and below the FAQ is the episode directory!


  • How long are episodes? Episodes are anywhere from 40 seconds to a minute.
  • How many packs do you open per episode? One. Sometimes two if it’s a special event.
  • When do these episodes air? New episodes air every Monday at 7:30 AM Central Standard Time.
  • Will you accept submitted packs? I might accept submissions in the future, and doing so will make you that episode’s “sponsor,” since you’re providing the pack for that episode. But as for now? No.
  • Will these episodes be pre-made/recorded far in advance? Since this is a series that will require recording me opening a pack of cards, and then trimming it down so far that the length is less than three minutes, I will need to record episodes a few weeks in advance.

Episode Directory: Just click on the thumbnails to be taken to that episode!