Support the Content

Hey there!

If you’re on this page, I bet you’re looking for a way to show your support for my work!

(Or you’re just exploring, which is awesome! Explore all day!)

The quickest ways are through a one-time donation over at my Ko-Fi page or through a monthly subscription via Patreon!

Additionally, if you want something a bit more tangible, I run an Etsy store called Doorman’s Trading Post.

Finally, the cheapest and the absolute fastest way to show your support is sharing my website and videos on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms!

Thank you again for watching my videos and wanting to show your support!

(Also thanks for exploring the website!)

OH! NEW THING! We have funding goals now!

If we reach $1 a month, that will show that there’s at least a small interest in supporting the content that I make in a financial capacity! Getting that first dollar is always the hardest!

At this point, we can continue to operate the website as-is! The money will be going towards the cost of the Premium plan and the domain name!

At $30 a month, I can upgrade the website to the Business plan and get more storage for the website! This, in turn, means more content that can be exclusive to the website!

At $100 a month, I’ll officially be making a profit on the amount of money that I put into the website and my content in general. Those who support me on Patreon will also start to get monthly update videos regarding the YouTube and Vlare channels as well as the website!

Oh-boy! At $700 a month, what I do as a hobby will became a part-time job! Additionally, a new tier will be added to the Patreon page: The Executive Producer tier! This will be a tier limited in quantity as it means that those at said tier will have a greater say when trying to determine the next project.

In case you need a refresher on the 5-Phase Plan for the website, here’s a handy table!

Phase #DescriptionStatus
1Get a new theme for the websiteCompleted
2Retool the navigation bar; overhaul the “About Me”, “Let’s Play”, and “Support the Content” pagesCompleted
3Upgrade the website’s planNot Done
4Bring on more website-exclusive content (Taste of Gameplay, etc)Not Done
5Getting a dedicated file server for the websiteNot Done