Lego Star Wars – Episode 18: FINALE TIME, BABY!

Original Upload Date: Apr 6, 2019

Original Description:

Today on Lego Star Wars, we finally finish this series with the “Secret Level,” a look at the GBA version, and my final thoughts on the project!

Thank you to everyone who deep down hoped that this series would return. It was something that had been nagging at the back of my mind since I scrapped the original recording of Episode 16. I don’t like leaving projects to die without some form of closure, and this was the one project that I couldn’t just let sit there. I’m so happy this series has finally been laid to rest.

Lego Star Wars – Episode 15: The Missing Canisters of Episode 1

Original Upload Date: Sep 3, 2017

Original Description:

Today, we start off our mission of 100%-ing all of the episodes with Episode 1! Every mission except the Mos Espa Pod Race are shown. This is because we already got all of the minikits in that chapter.

Chapter 1 – 01:22
Chapter 2 – 08:25
Chapter 3 – 11:35
(As stated previously, Chapter 4 is skipped because we already took care of it.)
Chapter 5 – 16:10
Chapter 6 – 22:35

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