007 Nightfire – Episode 2: A Special Weapon

Original Upload Date: Apr 1, 2017

Original Description:

In today’s episode, the game gives me my absolute favorite weapon in all of 007 Nightfire: The Rocket Launcher. That’s not its name. It’s called the AIMS-09 or something. Oh! And I get the special Nightfire Briefcase of Magic.

007 Nightfire – Episode 1: The Name’s Bond, Sniper Bond

Before We Get Started

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m going to be working on re-releasing all of my videos, but there’s over 850 videos (holy fuck I wish I did this sooner), so it’s going to take quite a bit of time! How these will work is that I’m going to have the original thumbnails be the featured image, then in the post itself, you’ll have the video below the title with the original upload date and description be below the video.

Anywho, thanks for being patient as I work to get all of these posts up on the website!

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