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>Nemesis Expansion for Stellaris just was announced.
>We don’t know when it’ll be here.
>We don’t know how much it’ll be.

Onto the article ::

I was simply scrolling through Twitter when a Tweet caught my eye.

I thought nothing by it, until I saw “Become the Crisis” in the original Tweet being quoted.

It’s official. We’re getting yet another DLC/Expansion for Stellaris. Enter: Nemesis.

“What is the Nemesis expansion?” I hear you ask. Simply put, it’s an expansion pack for Stellaris that will allow YOU, yes you THE PLAYER, to become an end-game crisis event.

“Now hold on a minute,” I hear you start to say, “how do I become an end-game crisis?”

Good question! It all starts with an Ascension Perk: Become the Crisis.

It’s time to become the crisis.

The “Become the Crisis” Ascension Perk allows you to start on the path towards becoming the galaxy’s greatest threat with its effect. In the example image above, the Confederacy of Prothon 1 can now progress towards becoming the Crisis.

From here, you’ll gain access to the Crisis tab in the Traditions menu, as you’ll see below. Do keep in mind that the names for the various elements and their deisgns are subject to change.

According to the devs, this design may change.

From here, you’ll be able to take on new perks and complete objectives by performing “certain evil deeds” and be rewarded with “Menance.”

According to the developers, you’ll need a certain amount of “Menance” to reach each new Crisis Level, and you’ll also need to finish each level’s “Special Project.” Each “Special Project” can be completed up to four times for each level.

The outcome of one of these aforementioned “Special Projects.”

Onto these perks themselves, some will give you new policy choices while others will give you new ship types exclusive to becoming a Crisis.

There are four new ships in total: Menancing Corvette, Menancing Destroyer, Asteroid Cruiser, and Star-Eater.

Finally, the ultimate final form of you becoming a crisis starts to bear its form when you unlock the Aetherophasic Engine Frame, which appears in whatever star system is the capital for your empire. This frame requires a metric boat load of Dark Matter, coming in at roughly 20,000 units worth of the stuff.

For seasoned players, 20,000 units of Dark Matter seems like it’d take literal years. That’s where the Star-Eaters come into play.

As the name suggests, they eat stars, and thus create massive deposits of Dark Matter for you to mine from.

You can view the Dev Diary here, or you can wishlist the game on GOG here.

Overall, I’m definitely excited about this new expansion coming out. This does mean that I’m now due for at least two more Stellaris playthroughs for my channel as this means I have even more new mechanics to show off that I didn’t get to with my last two runs.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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